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Gewalt gegen Männer

Violence against Men

Until now, there has only been a piecemeal help structure in place for boys and men as well as gay men, bisexual men, transgender people, transsexuals and intersex people affected by violence.

Furthermore, there is little verifiable information about the extent to which violence is committed against men.

However, it is beyond doubt that men experience violence as victims, for example, during childhood, on the street, in institutions and also in relationships. Violence against men (especially domestic violence) does not attract much interest from society and victims often remain silent owing to fear and a sense of shame.

The Gewalt an Männern (Violence against Men) Helpline

Together with the Federal State of Bavaria, the state government for North Rhine-Westphalia has set up the “Gewalt an Männern” (“Violence against Men”) helpline as a foundation stone in the construction of a support structure for male victims of violence. 

Men who have been affected by various types of violence - such as domestic and sexual violence, but also, for example, stalking or forced marriage - can call 0800 123 99 00. In addition, victims can find a digital advice service on the website.

Violence shelters for men

The state government has also been funding shelters for men affected by violence since May 2020. The service is intended for adult men and, if necessary, their children who are experiencing acute domestic violence or who have recently experienced it. Men who are threatened with forced marriage or intimidation by family members can also find protection.  It gives affected men the opportunity to escape the cycle of violence, to preserve their mental and physical integrity in the future, to stabilise themselves and to develop prospects for the future.

Find help fast

You can find detailed information on the topic of violence towards men on the website of the Ministry for Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.