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Working with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Working with perpetrators of domestic violence refers to the work done with men who have carried out acts of violence in the home. The core objective of this work is to end violent behaviour permanently in order to improve victim protection and the prevention of violence.

Domestic violence is a violation of the human right to physical and emotional well-being. This form of violence occurs at all levels of society and is primarily directed at women. Offenders are overwhelmingly men. 

The work done with offenders makes a fundamental contribution to the protection of women affected by domestic violence. As a result, the work done with offenders serves to protect victims in particular. It is also for the benefit of these violent persons and society at large. 

In Germany, a network of organisations focused on working with perpetrators of domestic violence works under the umbrella organisation of the Federal Association for Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (BAG-TäHG e.V.). These organisations aim to work in such a way as to prevent violence and, as a result, to protect victims in a targeted manner.

The members organised under the umbrella of the BAG-TäHG e.V. are committed to standards expected as part of work with perpetrators of domestic violence and have implemented corresponding quality assurance measures. They publish evaluations and statistics on the work they have carried out.

Find help fast

The BAG-TäHG has provided an advice centre finder on its web page which you can use to find an advice centre in your area by entering your postcode.

You can download the standards of the BAG-TäHG e.V. which the advice centres work in accordance with.