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Online Anzeigenerstattung in Nordrhein Westfalen

Reporting a Crime in North Rhine Westphalia

Police complaints can be made at any police station and at the public prosecutor’s office. They can also be made online using the Internet police station for the state which the complainant is in.

It is particularly suitable for cases which are not urgent. It does not take long to report a crime but it is likely that it will take quite a long time to process it.

In principle, victims and persons who have knowledge of a criminal offence can report a crime using the North Rhine-Westphalia police’s Internet police station and can also give evidence to the police in this way. 

In order to help speed up the processing of your police complaint or evidence, please be certain to provide the following information about your person and your contact details:

  • Surname and first name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Street and door number
  • Postcode and place of residence
  • Telephone number (on which you can be contacted during the day)
  • Email address

Find help fast
You can find out how to make a police complaint online and how to give evidence to the police on the Internet police station for the North Rhine-Westphalia police. 

Please note:
In acute emergencies or should you wish to communicate confidential information, please make your way to your nearest police station. For emergencies, please call the emergency number 110!