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Polizeilicher Opferschutz

Police Protection for Victims

All of the district police authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia employ specially trained police officers to provide victims with police protection. The goal is to better meet the needs of victims of crime both inside and outside of legal proceedings, to facilitate trustworthy cooperation and to put them in touch with appropriate support services as quickly as possible. Victim protection and victim support are integral components of the police work done in North Rhine-Westphalia. The way in which the police deal with victims of crime and accidents is based on three principles:

  • The unique situation in which victims of crime or road traffic accidents find themselves is taken into account 
  • Those affected are educated about victims’ rights and how any subsequent proceedings will unfold 
  • Those affected are provided with adequate offers of help

The main task of police officers active in the field of victim protection is to establish and maintain networks with support services at the regional level. Such services may include women’s refuges, women’s advice centres, the “Weißer Ring e.V.” victim advice organisation, drug advice centres, churches and other similar organisations. 
In this way, competent and effective cooperative efforts have been established at both the local and regional level. Participants include the Care Administration for North Rhine-Westphalia, the judiciary and specialist therapeutic counselling centres, among others.

Find help fast
The Police Advice Department has put together information for victims about criminal offences, the rights of victims, how victims can obtain compensation and how criminal proceedings progress.  

You can find detailed information about police protection for victims and about support for victims, the principles of victim protection and the role of victim protection officers on the following Internet sites provided by the Federal and State Police Commission for the Prevention of Crime.