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Child Abuse

Child abuse begins with crying babies being shaken or children being harmed through punishments, slapping or the deprivation of love.This kind of harm can come about as a result of psychological or physical actions (such as physical and emotional abuse) and also inaction (as with neglect). 

Physical abuse includes any act by parents or other persons which leads to the physical injury or death of a child. Psychological abuse includes all forms of behaviour which frighten, humiliate, debase, terrorise, isolate or overwhelm children or which give them the feeling that they are worthless.

Child neglect occurs where children do not receive sufficient levels of attention, protection and care and their development is harmed as a result.

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Child protection concerns us all! You can find detailed information, figures and facts about child abuse as well as suggestions and useful rules of conduct for the protection of children and young persons where there is the suspicion of abuse on the following website.