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Cyber-Crime/Digital Violence

Cyber-crime or digital violence is a collective term for computer crime and encompasses a wide variety of different criminal offences. Cyber-crime offences are characterised by a large number of different forms of criminal act. These include, for example, sexual violence (such as cyber-grooming, whereby adults contact children and young persons via the Internet in order to initiate sexual acts), property crimes (such as phishing or fake shops) or violent crime (such as cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking). The common theme running through them is that the Internet is used to carry out this violence. It is often the case that victims do not know the offenders because they are able to act anonymously through the use of a pseudonym, for example. 

Find help fast

You can find out what you can do against cyber-crime and digital violence as a victim and how you can best protect yourself by visiting the following websites of the North Rhine-Westphalia Police and the Police Commission for the Prevention of Crime.