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Zwei männliche Personen lästern im Hintergrund zu einer weiblichen Person


Bullying normally takes place in school or at work.

Colleagues or classmates are continuously harassed, embarrassed, passively avoided by a majority who refuse to have contact with them or met with other forms of anti-social behaviour. In this way, their dignity is violated.

Bullying is not comprised of a single action but develops as a systematic pattern of behaviour. Bullying can occur verbally (for example, insults, abuse, accusations and the spreading of rumours) non-verbally (for example, withholding information or ignoring the person) or physically (for example, physical violence). Every kind of bullying is usually hostile, aggressive, destructive and unethical. Nevertheless, not every act of bullying constitutes a criminal offence.

However, should it take the form of abusive language, bodily harm, damage to property or theft, then it has become an offence punishable by law.

Find help fast

In North Rhine-Westphalia, victims can get in touch with the NRW Bullying Helpline directly (MobbingLine NRW). This central telephone line for victims of bullying has an advice network behind it which aims to encourage persons affected by the problem to take their first steps towards overcoming it. The networking of existing advice services offered by several cooperation partners has made it possible to access continuous, personal and confidential advice wherever you are in Germany.

The NRW Bullying Hotline can be reached by calling 0211 837 1911.

By ringing this number, victims can get assistance with the following topics:

  • Advice on whether the matter at hand constitutes bullying
  • Empowering those seeking advice and giving positive signals to support them
  • Advice orientated towards initial steps of action and about what possibilities there are
  • The provision of an address in the caller’s area for further support during legal proceedings

The concept behind the Bullying Helpline is being developed continuously . Victims and persons involved can find further information on the subject of bullying on the “Police for You” Internet portal for children and young persons as well as on the education portal of the Ministry of Schools and Education for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.