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Install the NRW Victim Support Portal as an app now. Your benefits:

The app of the Victim Support Portal is disguised when it’s installed, so it looks like just another app on your smartphone. This ensures that other people are not likely to recognise the app as relating to the Victim Support Portal.
Fully functional:
You can select the disguise from various disguise options. It has the full functionality of a normal app and, in addition, the functions of the Victim Support Portal.
Securely protected:
For your security, the content of the Victim Support Portal can only be accessed with a code.
Available offline:
The app works everywhere – even without an Internet connection.
Readily handy:
You have all emergency numbers immediately within reach.
Direct search:
Find the right advice services near you.

For the app to remain unrecognised on your smartphone, you can choose from various disguise options.

Select the disguise you want for your app.

The North Rhine-Westphalia
Victim Protection Portal

Have you or has someone you know been a victim of violence or a criminal offence such as robbery, rape or a road traffic accident? This portal will help you find support and advice services in your local area or on the Internet.

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Emergency numbers



Emergency number


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Nummer gegen Kummer

Children's and young people's telephone

number available against grief

116 111

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Hilfetelefon Gewalt gegen Frauen

Help hotline

Violence against Women

116 016

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Help hotline

Violence against Men

0800 1239900

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Opfer-Telefon Weißer Ring

Victim line

Weißer Ring

116 006

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Tip line

Sexual abuse of children and young people

0800 0431431

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Topics in focus

Gewalt gegen Frauen

Violence against Women

Violence against women and girls occurs at every level of society and has many faces. Whether it is physical or emotional, domestic violence in a marriage or relationship, sexual assault or rape, harassment, cyber-violence or stalking, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced marriage or general genital mutilation – in North Rhine-Westphalia, specialised protection and advice services for all forms of violence are available to women seeking help.

Gewalt gegen Männer

Violence against Men

Until now, there has only been a piecemeal help structure in place for boys and men as well as gay men, bisexual men, transgender people, transsexuals and intersex people affected by violence. Furthermore, there is little verifiable information about the extent to which violence is committed against men. However, it is beyond doubt that men experience violence as victims, for example, during childhood, on the street, in institutions and also in relationships.

Loverboys Opferschutzportal NRW


The loverboy scam always follows the same pattern: Offenders pretend that they have found their one true love, make girls or young women emotionally dependent on them and then force them into prostitution. Initial contact is usually made via social networks and dating sites. Loverboys begin this process by deliberately seeking out girls and young women who demonstrate low self-esteem or who are having problems at school or with their families.


Child and Youth Protection

Children and young persons are frequently the victims of violence and crime. Violence in the form of sexual abuse is particularly serious. However, theft, robbery, domestic violence and bodily harm also constitute dangers for children and young persons.


Genital Mutilation

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), female genital mutilation describes all procedures which have the partial or full removal of the external female genitalia or their injury as their goal.


Human Trafficking

The most common forms of human trafficking include sexual exploitation, exploitative working conditions, the exploitation of workers, the exploitation of humans as beggars, the exploitation of humans as organ donors and compelling humans to commit criminal offences.